Week 2



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This past week I put a proposal together for a quarter-long project exploring the relationship between gesture movements and color. I've always been fascinated by the semiotics of color, and how it can effect our psychology and mood. I am going to focus on exploring the 3D-RGB color space above in an playful experience similar to the acting exercise, mirror, where synchronizing your movements with another partner synchronizes the color of lighting around you. I'm hoping to also use this data to control a kinetic sculpture, but still waiting on approval from another class coordinate it with this project. 

The class I am TA-ing, Foundations of Play, is going just swimmingly. This week we covered some foundational readings on play theory (Caillois and Huizinga) as well as the New Games Movement, which was popular in the 1970s and 80s. We played with the earth ball and other childhood games: 



Otherwise, I have learned of some exciting funding opportunities at UCSC for arts innovation and entrepreneurship. I am think of starting a physical computing lab or collective that does site specific work with different community groups. Proposals are due in a couple weeks, so I gotta start writing! 

More soon ~

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