Week 3


The Light Lab

Trials and tribulations, wonderful manifestations.

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Oh how I love the meditative quality of a lonely install on a Thursday evening. The cacophony of music and mind, just trudging away the dull necessities of a hardware integration. Be still my heart... the quarter system has me a bit delirious. But seriously, it's oddly satisfying to run nice cable and then actually have the system work on your first try. 

*brushes shoulder*


The Imaginactivism talk has me ruminating on all sorts of goodness: ritual, performativity, joy, affect, tropisms, chemical affinities, magic, figuration, semiosis, play, imagination, energy, morphology, near futures, onotoepistomolgies (?!?), multinaturalisms, PEARLS, JUST PEARLS.

DONNA FUCKING HARAWAY, Starhawk, and Joan Haran. 

DONNA FUCKING HARAWAY, Starhawk, and Joan Haran. 

This majestic talk on Magic, Figuration & Speculative Fiction in the Pursuit of Justice has been a catalyst and reminder of my intuitions about crystallography and the coalescence of being. Unfortunately I haven't had enough time to reflect on my notes from the talk just yet BECAUSE I HAVE THREE PRESENTATIONS NEXT WEEK (HOW DID THAT HAPPEN IDK), but I hope to formulate these rhizomes into something concrete and socially-aware for my work this quarter and my MFA research. 

BRB, napping.