Week 1

View from the Digital Arts Research Center Studio

View from the Digital Arts Research Center Studio

WOOF. meow. What a ride it's been already...

I've attended all my classes (+1) and have successfully led my first discussion section as a Teaching Assistant at UC Santa Cruz. I never realized -- jk -- that I liked teaching and facilitating conversation for a group of scholars. I am TA-ing for Foundations of Play, an undergraduate class of 84 students who are a mix of Arts, Games & Playable Media majors, Computer Scientists and otherwise anthropologists. They will be insightful, inquisitive scholars. 

As for me, I'm working on more documentation and building a framework from which to talk about my work. In terms of researched interests, I've consolidated them into 5 categories: 

  • Post-colonialism

  • Magical Realism

  • Physical Computing

  • Visual Semiotics

  • Transformative Experiences

Of course much needs to be narrowed down, but here we have the beginnings of a Discovery framework.

Meow meow, corporeal interactivo on the horizons ~