Week 7

@ Live Design International 2017 !


When you're only supposed to be at a conference for two days, and then you end up spending the week there because there's so much to learn!

LDI 2017, you were very kind to me. 


  • Facilitating the TouchDesigner workshop w/ Matthew Ragan
  • "Are You Experienced?" keynote by Bob Bonniol 
  • "Virtually Real" with Verity Studios, Leviathan, and MODE Studios
  • My first run of the LDI Exhibit Hall 

Although the conference was filled with corporate and industry professionals, I met a great number of up and coming technologists who were finding interesting ways to hack technology to meet their own production needs. Folks were particularly interested in software that was low-cost and had integrations for content creation, network control, and projection mapping. They were interested in a horizontal framework from which they could expand and manipulate. In particular, there was a small business called Luxium in the way back of the exhibition hall that had devised its own low-cost DMX light. Out of all of the DMX lights I saw at the exhibition -- including hard-hitters like Rosco and ETC -- I found Luxium’s to be the most appealing because of its wireless flexibility and independence from additional software requirements.

It seemed like many of the industry professionals I spoke to were obsessed in getting the latest, most-expensive hardware, even if it didn't exactly do what they needed. In terms of media servers, they were interested in spending 50K on a server that would only allow them one machine for playback, without any genlock or ability to add additional machines. They wanted turn-key systems that had very strict set-up specifications and required corporate maintenance to troubleshoot. Blegh.

Overall, it was a very exciting experience and I learned a lot about the live events industry. I'm excited about next year, and who knows, maybe I'll teach my own workshop!


Zoe Sandovalldi, conference, grad