Enfants Terrible

Yesterday, M and I did projection mapping for an avant-garde hair fashion show at ReLove in San Francisco, CA. It was our rad neighbor, Miki's final showcase for their work at Vidal Sassoon. Our inspiration was Jean-Paul Gaultier, the Fifth Element, and grunge chic. Miki's direction was to create an open, inviting, inclusive experience that transcended notions of gender and expected presentation. I'm hoping that her photographer will share some of the amazing looks she created. Below are some photographs of the exhibition.


We controlled the show using a two programs: Derivative TouchDesigner and TouchOSC. We used TouchDesigner to render real-time visuals, playback video, and do the projection mapping on each of the paintings. TouchOSC provided external control on and iPad and iPod to choose and manipulate which visuals played on each painting. See Figure 1 to see an example of the interface.

One of my favorite visuals from the show was a simple 'lava-lamp' looking flow (Figure 2) that I combined with a shader that M ported from The Book of Shaders. See Cellular noise ("Worley noise") in 2D in GLSL for more details, and Copyright (c) Stefan Gustavson 2011-04-19 for more licensing information.

The green Constant CHOP at the beginning of the chain received OSC data from TouchOSC, and allowed us to control video parameters in real-time during the show. The individual select chops are each of the Controls you see in purple in Figure 1. For this base_lava.tox we controlled the scale, displacement, hue, offset, and noise parameters of both the GLSL noise and the noise I created in Touch.

This show was a great way to understand the ins and outs of using OSC control as well as exploring GLSL as a way to create majestic GPU optimized graphics in TouchDesigner.


Figure 1

Figure 2



Here you can see a faint projection of Tron on a painting at ReLove. This clip was part of a 15 minute supercut I put together of films like the Fifth Element, Bladerunner, Cowboy Beepbop, Aeon Flux, etc.

Miki looking fabulous the night before the show.

Miki looking fabulous the night before the show.

updated 9/7/17