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Fort Pierce, FL (2014)

Fort Pierce, FL (2014)

To say that it's taken me a long time to start this blog would be a gross, GROSS understatement -- maybe it's because my parents always thought I was going to be a writer, maybe it's because my first love was literature, or maybe it's because I personally used to think I was a good writer. Who knows?

It's doesn't matter now -- BECAUSE, I am actually writing! Beyond just being self-reflexive and maybe a little circular, my intention for this blog is to ruminate and flesh out ideas about the work I want to do over the next couple years, reflect on the current state of the world (politics), and document the various projects I take on.  

This Fall 2017, I will be starting an MFA program at UC Santa Cruz in the Digital Arts and New Media program learning about game design, play theory, and interactivity. I am excited about this new adventure, but not-so-secretly bummed about having to temporarily move out of my home with M and the little fluffers.  All will be well in good time, though, once I get to immerse myself in theoretical readings and begin some physical computing experiments. 

For now I will continue flowing: learning GLSL & processing, packing for Burning Man and mentally preparing myself for the emotional shift of grad school.

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