Week 12


On Suffering

#process   #injury   #inquiry

What a curious week --- I spent it watching python tutorials, struggling with TUIO, and crushing my foot on a bike ride. 

I will spare the details on the foot injury, and instead go to the more exciting inspirations from the fantastic Ed Shanken. He recommended I check out the above books as well as the work of Guillermo Gomez Peña and Rafael Lozano-Hemmer (both Mexican compatriots).


For my project group class, we were tasked with making our proposed master's thesis in two weeks! What an incredible, playful and DAUNTING challenge. I proposed doing an interactive cabinet of curiosity, and my oh my was that a bold project to distill. I decided to ground myself by thinking about the technological pieces: projection mapping, lighting control, and fiducial markers. Both the former I had tackled before so I wasn't too worried, but the TUIO fiducial markers plus python scripting were new territory. Thankfully with the help of the Python Tutorials in TouchDesigner and Matthew Ragan's help, I was able to get things working. 

Conceptually, I had some curious ruminations about taxonomies and their history in biology, which you can see in the notes on the left. I think I struggled most with finding a balance between the amount of structure for the experience, and leaving room for exploration and play. It's hard to predict what people will do in a free-form interactive installation that doesn't use traditional screen-based interactions. For now I have given the following provocation: 

For my installation on Monday, it would be great if you could bring an object you consider sacredly mundane or mundanely sacred. Ideally the object would be smaller than a shoe-box and something that you'd leave with a stranger for a few days. 


Zoe Sandovalmfa, grad