The Northeast


Chicago → Boston

as the air gets cooler & the leaves begin to fall

As an end cap to the summer, and a proper transition to fall, I traveled to the northeast before attending the Queerness & Games Conference. In Chicago, I got to see some exciting tests of Obscura’s latest work Art on theMART, visited the MCA, and ate some delicious Italian food. From Chicago, I left to Boston to see some old friends and revel in the crisp fall air. Some photos from my northeastern adventures below:

art on the mart


What a fascinating show…

To be quite honest, at the beginning, it felt quite jarring and disoriented. The chaotic imagery and frenetic nature of the text was difficult to grab on too, such that it cleverly invoked the nature of the internet and ADHD culture it has (inevitably or not) produced. As the show progressed, however, I felt more cohesive themes became apparent: the bleeding edge of virtual space, issues of surveillance and the body, and most notably the commodification of the image.

The exhibition is broken into 5 sections: (1) Look at Me, (2) Touch Me, (3) Control Me, (4) Play with me, (5) Sell Me Out, as well as having an online component. I was most engaged by the Touch me / Play with Me sections… perhaps because they were not as dystopian and had more participatory elements to the works. However! I was super excited to see Hito Steyerl’s Factory of the Sun, which considers a Tron-like universe of the TV and a satirical interpretation of one’s own image.



MORE highlights:

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