Week 42

at home considering my own practices of collecting and adornment

at home considering my own practices of collecting and adornment

Back to schoooooool. We are back to school yeah yeah

a song about… being back to school.

〜(^_^〜) (〜^_^)〜

This week I begun my deep dive into ritual studies as part of my independent study, Ritual Design for Interactive Media Environments. The purpose of this self-directed course is to explore ritual and participatory design for creating playful and immersive installations. I will be examining historical rituals of divination as they relate to emerging practices in radical self-help, social play and museum art spaces. A focus will be placed on responsive media, interactive technology, and reimagining contemporary artifacts. So far I have been focusing on a historical review of ritual practices (from a performance studies perspective), methodologies for new ritual design, and weekly ritual experiments.

Selected readings include:

  • adrienne maree brown’s Emergent Strategy

  • Catherine Bell’s Ritual Theory, Ritual Practice

  • Richard Schechner’s Performance Studies

  • Jeltje Gordon-Lennox’s Crafting Secular Ritual

Past, present, future


As part of my weekly rituals, I have been trying to get back into regularly reading my cards in a three card spread. The deck I use is the White Light Tarot by Jessica Fisher Wilson. It mixes in reiki healing and energy work to bend the traditional RWS tarot deck. The three card spread is read from right to left (past/problem, present/action, future/outcome). This week’s spread read as follows:

  • past: Nine of wands, Zenith (purple)

    • A problem relating to my relationship to/with higher powers and achieving personal goals of creativity and self-expression. I definitely feel as though I’ve always been fascinated by esoteric and occult conceptions of the universe (e.g. collective consciousness, and the interconnectedness of all things), but have had a difficult time distilling these ruminations into work that feels valid and not too new age-y.

  • present: Page of swords, Message (Blue)

    • This card is telling me that I should lean into my intuition, and my desire to communicate these philosophical and spiritual ideas. How wonderful that I am in an MFA and have the time to explore these intuitions more deeply! I feel that my research into ritual studies will help me solidify and conceptualize these ephemeral insights. Feeling these patterns of self-reflection and auto-topographical exploration.

  • Future: Six of wands, Inward (Blue)

    • Well this is nice! It seems as though if I am true to these intuitions, and continue on these explorations then I should expect ‘a successful outcome’. TBH this is nice to hear as it feels as thought I’m in a whirlwind of crafting my MFA project. It has been really tough to recognize and name that I will be focusing on personal history as a case study for the wunderkammer. Though daunting, I am excited to share my family, worldview, and work with others. Weeee!


Alchemical processes

A continuation of my borax crystallization experiments for the wunderkammer.

Metaflux exhibition

M and I visited the Metaflux exhibition to see Nicole Aptekar’s amazing new pieces, along with some other local artists in Oakland. Low-key, not low-key obsessed with the iridescent fish hanging from the gallery’s ceiling. Where can I get this?! Also - super into the symmetry by the unnamed artist on the bottom left. Love me some radialbalance.

..wish I know who this was! loved the symmetry.

..wish I know who this was! loved the symmetry.

Nicole Aptekar

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