QGCon 2018


What a whirlwind weekend in Montreal! It was my first time attending the Queerness & Games Conference; it was filled with so much insight, and radical tenderness. I got to see some amazing talks, and give my own talk Kaleidoscopic Queer Futures: { wish u were queer }, a post-mortem on an experimental game I made and showed at a gallery. See previous documentation on the project here, and the exhibition details here. You can also see my semi-awkward talk on Twitch.

On the right you can see { wish u were queer } as it was exhibited in the arcade. Overall, I received positive response from folks on my game and it’s funky interface. After reflecting a bit, I think I could have spent more time with my game to get more directed play-testing feedback. Though… I secretly found it more fun to watch people play it from across the room. ^~^

Although I didn’t take many pictures of folks’ games, some highlights from the QGCon arcade included:

Mattie Brice’s closing keynote

Screenshot 2018-10-06 21.41.32.png


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