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week 1 wrap up

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blue = adjectives, yellow = nouns, red = verbs

And with that, fall quarter is upon us and we’re back in the swing of academic life. WoooOOooo . . . =^● ⋏ ●^=

I generally have a hard time adjusting to the beginning of each quarter. Perhaps it’s the change of pace and all the new moving parts, but I have undoubtable feelings of fragmentation. This quarter was of course exacerbated by U.S. politics and the nomination for the Supreme Court. I am constantly surprised at how unsurprised I am by the callousness of this administration. Y U SO DIVISIVE THO?

Nevertheless, the wheels are turning! I’ve got classes to attend, undergrads to teach, AND I’ve got to start solidifying my MFA thesis project. Action! Words! They escape me, but alas a helpful brainstorming project in my Experimental Play class gave me some outside perspective on my latest wunderkammer pitch.

The CORE they came up with was… how might we make up an artful, playful experience that:

reveals twinkling curiosity

encourages empathy with colorful memory.

I was quite happy with their brainstorm (see post-its on the right). The words they came up with were pretty in line with how I described my project, and I was happy with the repetitions that they each had: play, magic, and memory. I’m all about that. As part of my Experimental Play class I’ve also started a design journal that’s a series of “interactive still life” and whimsical design. Below is an excerpt:


Weekend ruminations

A happy end-of-week moment was catching up with the DANM cohort, and having an impromptu book club begin as I was given Maggie Nelson’s Bluets.

Such an insightful piece of work, it’s a series of reflections, prose, and poetry broken into bite size sections. They’ve left me ruminating even more, in a good way, about my conceptions of color theory and our relationships with color.

The 25th section stood out to me the most, as I was left thinking about what it would be like to recreate the experience described by Goethe. What if we all saw the particles glowing and glimmering around us in the objects we focused on, in specific colors or materials. Would it be like having glitter on all that was white or blown out? Would it feel as though these objects were glittering and glistening? Perhaps vibrating with their own energy…

Bluets sent me on a hyperlink adventure where I jumped from the Necker cube, to my experiment the Crossroads, to the crystallized work of Alexis Arnold, and finally a longed thought of experiment to crystallize objects for the wunderkammer. Below are some photos of my first Borax infused experiment.


Note: the deeper dish on the right has Super Pearl decorating dust to see if I could get iridescence in the crystallization.

In the details…

magical borax potion

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