Autumn Vibes


This blog post is a bit of a catch up for the last couple weeks. The photo above was taken during one of my drives up the coast this past week, and is a manifestation of the Camp Fire that’s been blowing smoke southwest into the Bay area. My heart goes out to the Paradise community, all those lost, and the family’s who have been displaced.


I am so grateful to have been able to attend the first Confluence in SF this year. It was really lovely to be exposed to this community, and to participate in the workshops and panels. The theme of the Confluence was Ancestral Healing. Ruminations below:

  • How do we consider colonialism in modern times, and new de-colonial practices?

    • acknowledging erasure of cultures, miscegenation, mestizaje, cross-identities, queer ancestral lineages, indigenous feminism, etc.

  • Ancestral language is timeless and messy

    • it is nonlinear and manifests in loops

    • like Walter Benjamin’s “now-time”

    • the angel of history with their back to the future and their face toward the past

  • The cartesian split between the self and the other does not exist, and is in conflict with indigenous epistemologies

  • How can we envision ancestral healing in a collective way / as a collective, participatory process?

    • having honest and difficult conversations

    • honoring others emotional capacity

    • practice work as a collective x sl

    • offering the earth our suffering (sacramental nature)

    • acknowledging that we are all actively traumatized into being (selfish) individuals

      • need to reclaim individuation

  • Enthousiasmós - greek for to be filled by the godly or divine. The root of enthusiasm.

More soon…

Zoe Sandoval