New Exhibition

The opening for Migratory Pathways curated by the amazing Joty Dhaliwal!


[ divinación en migración ]

Some photos of the installation and deck design below. For more on the design & research visit my designing divining post.

@migration_divination instagram feed:

Those post show feelS

What an adventure! The gallery opening was successful with a lot of rad folks coming through to check out the work. The exhibition manifested as a secondary playtest as I was able to watch how everyone interacted with the work, and modify the installation to better suit the gallery’s needs. I got some lovely advice from someone who worked at the Exploratorium about how to convey the instructions more clearly, and met someone who had created a tarot deck who also gave great feedback. Some main takeaways:

  • the monitor needs to have some generative animation to convey that it’s not just a title

  • the instructions needs to be spread across the pedestals to help convey steps/card placement

Despite feeling anxious about how the work was going to be received, everything went smoothly enough and folks seemed really engaged by the piece. My favorite comment: the fiducial markers (the symbol on the purple cards) were embedded so cleverly, that they couldn’t even tell they were markers. It’s always nice when I can hide the technology enough to augment the magical, occult feeling of the piece.