Week 48


double rainbow

#rain #fall #process

Crystal experiments

Prepping for a thesis demo this week, I decided to document my new borax crystal experiments. In the dishes you see below are driftwood I collected at the South Shore beach in Alameda, film negative remnants from my grandfather’s rolls, and Venezuelan Bolivares I folded into leaves, The instructions for crystallizing are as follows:

  1. Boil water

  2. Add 3 tablespoons of Borax per each cup of water

  3. Stir until mixed (best if there’s a bit of excess residue)

  4. Place objects in glass containers

  5. Pour borax solution into glass container

  6. Wait approximately 24 hours

Note: I used a 4 tablespoon per cup ratio on the money, which made the crystals much larger than I was expecting. I am going to stick with the 3T per cup, as I like the smaller crystals much more.


residue from the borax

I am drying this out, so that i can use it to decorate and fill the wunderkammer with crystal remnants.


A reading on sharing, vulnerability and making new work.

  • PAST: Knight of wands, alchemy (Orange)

    • I am ruminating a bit on whether I should read this card as a problem or as past behavior.. or maybe a bit of both? Upon reading this card I reflect on my action-driven nature, and that it may result from my impatient or (occasionally) impulsive behavior. Sometimes I just want to get things done fast, so that I can iterate and develop these ideas further. I don’t think this is to my detriment, but perhaps I should reimagine this practice in a way that is more methodical and perhaps more effective in the long run. I appreciate that the card is titled ‘alchemy’ as it indicates a capacity for transmutation and transformation.

  • PRESENT: seven of disks, limit (red) * reversed *

    • Well well, perhaps the impulsiveness I was reading in the last card relates to the ways I have been scattering my time across projects. More specifically, how I might need to reevaluate where I am putting in my time and whether or not it is reciprocating back my investments. Looking at the image on the card, I see my thesis (and main line of research) in the middle while the other circles are overlapping and ancillary projects. Despite this card indicating that I might need to refocus my practice, I think that these smaller projects are providing some necessary insight about the mechanics and dynamics that I’d like to manifest in my thesis. Perhaps this notion of a ‘limit’ is a western construction of hierarchy and demand. I trust that my intuition will help me identify when a situation or project is no longer worth investing time/energy.

  • FUTURE: six of swords, insight (blue)

    • This humanoid staring into the retro computer is amusing. Maybe I’ll be staring at more computers in the future? Maybe it’s maybelline? Maybe there’s a transition on the horizon - brought to you in part by self-reflection and growth. That would be nice. I don’t want to read too much into this card. Perhaps if I keep on this path of development then I will encounter not only a shift in my mental outlook, but a shift in my work and career, maybe even a physical migration. Who knows what the future will hold after June (graduation)..!