Fall Critique


thesis demo

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After the Migratory Paths exhibition opened, I switched gears to prepare for our graduate fall critique and upcoming Open Studios. As a proof of concept for my thesis, I designed a wunderkammer that spilled open into participatory play space.

I used some of the media I designed at the beginning of the quarter to fill the environment with ephemeral projection, that served as a supplement to the interactive play experience. For this demo, I focused on how to prompt the crystallization experiments and alchemy of memory ritual I am designing:


  • Instructions seem clear & simple, but clarify what it means to “find the story”

    • I need to add more remnants/artifacts in the space to give clues about the narrative

  • Feelings of diaspora and fragmentation: maybe there isn’t one clear narrative and that’s okay

  • The projection feels ancillary to the ritual

  • Although there was no sound, the quietness helped the experience. Consider adding white noise/ or a soft soundscape to shape the space.

better photos + video documentation will come next week!

TouchOSC for live mixing

In order to focus on the interaction design, I decided to control the projection and lighting through TouchOSC (screenshot below). This allowed me to live mix the different mapped elements in the projection as folks interacted with the piece.

Obligatory, WE’LL DO IT LIVE.

Moving forward the media will be triggered from a mix of motion sensors that read how close or far participants are from the cabinet/pedestals/etc. Ideally the wunderkammer will be an aware space that responds to the movements and interactions of its visitors.

Screenshot 2018-12-02 19.10.16.JPG

Optimized hue for Touchdesigner

Super exciting! Matthew Ragan helped optimize some of the hue + touchdesigner work I began in spring, and published the work on GitHub.