On Diaspora



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With the end of the quarter, I’ve ramped up on crystallizing more artifacts for my thesis demo as well as augmenting the cabinet I will be using for this installation. I have been reflecting a lot on the critique I received last week, and have been working to address some of the comments like ‘help guide people in the space’ and ‘make the cabinet more inviting.’

Existentially, I’ve been coming back to a comment about the feelings of diaspora and fragmentation that the piece evoked. I’m still navigating what this means (whether I like that affect or not), and how it intersects with the personal nature of the work. I can’t deny that this work is manifesting from my own anxieties about Venezuela’s current state, and longing to return to what it once was… #naive #nostalgia

Alchemy Experiments

Above are snippets from a poem my great grandfather wrote about Venezuela’s mineral landscape.

Some pretty large crystals on these objects,

Some pretty large crystals on these objects,

reusing a spice rack to measure broax

reusing a spice rack to measure broax

suggestions for how folks should interact + participate with the space.

Cabinet modification

In order to make the cabinet stand out in the back of the installation, I’ve added some LED lights and diffraction material to give it a magical, inviting quality. I’ve also added more artifacts from my crystallization and money folding experiments.


A reading about diasporic feelings, making & the new moon!

  • PAST: Ace of Wands, Purple (Furnace)

    • It’s ~ cOmPliCaTed ~ that’s for sure. My ideas (about my thesis) are both exciting and as complicated as I could possibly conceive them. This card indicates that my ideas are strong, but they are just ideas not the executed creation. This process of the unknown is tough but exciting, and feels like it’s heading in a fruitful direction. My hesitations about making work that is personal is generating lots of unanswered questions, but I think that’s okay. I’ve always been one to want to provide answers and solutions; however, I need to redirect my attention to asking hard questions and using these experiments to navigate and process my unanswered ruminations.

  • PRESENT: KNIGHT OF Disks, Blue (Discover)

    • I’m loving this magical creature shooting an orb out of their temple! This card indicates that I am in a process of both discovery and self-expression. My methodical process of generating crystallized objects had been laborious, but really inspiring. Though I am still tying together the loose ends of meaning, I feel like I am getting closer to understanding this fragmented identity. This card indicates that I should follow through on my routine ritual practices as they will help structure and guide my practice. This new moon in Sagittarius is indicating that I should hone in my anxious emotional energy, and welcome in these insights.

  • FUTURE: Five of cups, yellow (disappointment) *reversed*

    • Reversed cards make me anxious LOL, but I think out of all the cards in the deck this would be the one that’s reversed. Normally this card indicates regret or disappointment, but reversed it suggests that I should move on from feelings of self-doubt that I’ve been harboring. It’s been really difficult sharing ‘personal work’ and I’ve been experiencing a lot of unsettling energy because of it. All the cards are indicating that I just need to flow and move forward with my processes instead of second-guessing and being self-critical about the work. I need to stop analyzing it before it’s even done and trust the process.

Current feels:

I also highly recommend Zoraida Córdova’s book Bruja Born from Brooklyn Brujas series for your witchy needs.

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