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goodbye 2018

hello 2019 +

What a wild year! It was full of making, uncovering and exploring so many amazing projects and places. As part of the cultural phenomena that is your the Year in 9 or top posts of 2018, I made a little collage of my favorite moments. TBH I had no idea that the top 9 was actually a thing and there are fancy websites that can make the collage for you LOL, so I have shared both. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

From left to right (top image):

Some other cool things (bottom image):

Overall, it was a vibrant year and an exciting lead up to 2019!

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Reflecting on my ritual practices in 2018 + my intensions for 2019, I’m moving toward more work with my material body, so that I can help sustain and foster my spiritual growth. 2018 was a year of self-criticism and I’m hoping to work past those nagging feelings, so that I can feel affirmed and fulfilled in my practice. I am also hoping to expand my divination(s) and ancestral connection(s). I was gifted three amazing spirit/oracle/tarot decks and some amazing books (Creative Alchemy, Methodology of the Oppressed and Beautiful Rising), which I’m really excited to incorporate into my practice!

2019 practice:

  • Mindfulness meditation

  • Movement routine

  • Daily affirmations

  • Healthier eating

2018 practice:

  • Weekly tarot divination

  • Weekly blog posting

  • Crafting experiments

  • Morning water ritual




A reading on the past year and what’s to come in 2019.


    • Funny enough, this card appeared in my last spread (the week I was prepping for open studios.) This past year there was a lot of movement in my spiritual body, which I think was mediated by my MFA research into divination, ritual, and my ancestral lineage. I shifted my focus inward towards my creative passions and intuitive self. Although there were times of self-doubt and questioning, this year was an important shift toward the work that I have always been invested in: my spiritual connection(s). The Ace of Wands indicates that I am on the right path forward, and that I need to act on my intuitions versus doing more planning and researching. This really resonates as I have a tendency to over-plan, organize and assert control. I need to practice and work toward my goals, not just ruminate on them.

  • PRESENT: 14 Balance, blue (harmony)

    • Part of my intention for 2019 is to practice daily rituals to help me closer toward creative and personal fulfillment. I am oftentimes impatient with my practice and overindulge myself in mindless activities as a way to cope my stress and anxiety. I am working towards finding balance in this leisure and maintaining positive action(s) towards myself and others. My hope is to channel my vibrant ancestral energy and blend it with the inherent, formal traits of my personality - in order to shift and transform my energy to be more tempered and open to any coming challenges in the new year.

  • FUTURE: ace of disks, green (prosper)

    • This card is incredibly reassuring and is in line with my intentions to work on my material body this year. I know that I need to put in a lot of work in order to receive the blessings this card provides: new work opportunities, travel, material manifestations of my goals, etc. In order to be successful I need to be patient with all the challenges and new adventures to come. I’m going to leave this reading a bit more open-ended, so that I don’t create additional expectations. More soon!


Zoe Sandovalnye, 2018, ritual