@ the Crossroads


a Recombinant project

A movement game about collecting crystals, and meeting archetypal characters along the way.

design notes: 


draft Rules for @ the Crossroads

What You’ll Need:

2-7 Players

1 Moderator

1 Deck of Arrow Cards (Pink Holographic)

1 Deck of Archetype Cards (Rainbow Holographic)

1 Bag of Crystals

How to Play:

Every player starts with 5 arrow cards (pink holographic), and then randomly selects an archetype card (rainbow holographic). They should each keep their archetype identity secret from other players, but review their archetype card for their name, physicality, and motivations.

The goal is to pick up as many crystals possible, as related by the motivations of the archetype. For example, The Hunter picks up opaque countries and wants to trade for them.

Cards can be played moving forward or backward, and are played at each intersection:

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 10.30.28 PM.png

90 degree angles  (left) 


45 degree angles (right)

Round 1:  2 minutes exercise

The first round is for learning how to walk the path, and to plan a route for collecting crystals with their Arrow cards. Archetypes begin at an outer intersection of the play space.

They can only walk on the lines, and can organize their cards to plan their route for the second round, but cannot pick up any crystals this round.

Round 2:  Ends when all crystals are collected

The Archetypes reset to the corners of the play space. Once the moderator says go, the Archetypes use their arrow cards to walk the paths. They walk until they arrive at a crossroads, the Archetypes can:

  • Collect a crystal in exchange for leaving a card

  • Leave a card or leave a crystal if there is nothing at the crossroads; also known as a tax

  • Trade with other players


Trading with other players:

Depending on the archetypes motivations, the Archetypes can exchange cards, exchange crystals, or both. At the beginning of a trade, the players must greet the other Archetype with the phrase on their card. For example, The Hunter says, “I survive,” while The Explorer says, “I conquer.”

@ the Crossroads ends once all crystals have been collected, as decided from the Moderator.

Diagram of the play space.

Diagram of the play space.

Playtesting @ the crossroads:

Zoe Sandovalmfa, grad, play