Week 25

in Crystalline

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What a busy week! Perpetually busy it seems... But, I was finally able to catch up on grading and other readings (Janet Murray's #HamletontheHolodeck), and to make progress on my Playable Media/Independent Study project.

I focused my research on the use of mirrors in Mesoamerica, and then came across the god, Tezcatlipoca. I learned that the mirrors of the Aztec, Maya and other indigenous peoples were largely made out of obsidian and were used in practices of divination and prognostication. This led me to Tezcatlipoca who was known as the "Smoking Mirror," the god of the nocturnal sky, ancestral memory, and time (among other things). They are one of the most well-known gods, known as the "eternal shaman." 

Tezcatlipoca and the obsidian mirror are a strong grounding force (and tension) for my project this quarter. Largely I have been fascinated by light and iridescence, but what of darkness? I used to be afraid of the dark, and to be completely honest, I still am. It's rooted in a fear of the unknown, of what lies beyond. It seems fitting to explore this space of anxiety and tension, and to push myself to make something I so despise. So this quarter, I will use the ancient practice of the divinatory mirror to tell a story of the night sky and reference the God who ruled it. 

At a meeting this week, I serendipitously found the perfect surface to use for project! Below is a large 3' disk that I will project on for Open Studios. More soon on developments with the leap motion!

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NONOTAK performing _SHIRO

A quality highlight from Mutek: seeing performers fight with their digital technology. Humbling really. It's always lovely to see older professionals fight with the same thing: The good old restart to see if it works. 

Zoe Sandovalgrad, mfa