In Paradise


Even when I left Florida...

#modestmouse #clouds #nostalgia

At times it feels like I won't ever see Venezuela again, and the closest I'll ever be will be Florida. While I know this not to be true, I can't help but feel the utter despair at the turmoil that's ravaged such a beautiful paradise.

But alas, I find comfort in Florida and the micro-interactions I have with Venezuelans who have come to this country and started anew. They carry Venezuela with them in their accents of color and culture. Even in the air, in the flow of the clouds and rustle of the palms, I find comfort in a sort of magic that the universe holds. Perpetually hoping that stability and health will reconcile on Venezuelan shores.

Part of my own reconciliation with my memories and the present, has been going through an archive of my grandfathers negatives from when he was a photojournalist in Venezuela. More on my archival adventures here.