3 months

The current state of my white board as I reimagine my thesis work

The current state of my white board as I reimagine my thesis work


I’m 3 months away from the opening of the DANM 2019 thesis show, so things are kicking into high gear as I begin prototyping more of my thesis installation. This past week, I’ve been refocusing my thoughts onto the core concept(s) guiding my thesis, the UX, and an upcoming demo I will be showing mid-February. Below are some notes as I try to hone in on the specific theme(s) of my work and performative, ritualistic acts to be enacted in the installation:


Above are brainstorm ideas for some performative acts to be completed in the installation.

los angeles


For me, there’s no better place than DTLA to look for wholesale items for my installations and creative practice. Amongst the quinceañera dresses and shiny fabric, between the fashion and flower district, I found some new stores with amazing geometric wireframes, crystalline pedestals, and metallic goodness. TBH I really had to restrain myself from acquiring all the party supplies. Interactive installation meets escape room meets mixed reality game meets party — why not? hehe




Some of the magical treasures I found in Downtown LA included a series of chargers (fancy plates that are placed underneath bowls), and some fun crystal fillers to add around the sensors I’m embedding in my next piece ala in {cantation} in {translation}.

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