Love Letters to { }


As my thesis project shifts and evolves, it’s moved in the direction of a hanging sculpture that will span the center of my installation. Part of my preparation for Open Studios has been to quickly prototype the sculpture I sketched, and to test out different environmental projections. In order to pair down the complexity of my installation, I’ve decided to cut out the leap motion sensors and focus on low-tech participation. I would like to integrate some motion sensing dependent on the proximity of participants to the bowl / center of the room, but that’s still early in development.




I found myself in quite the meditative state as I separated the glass crystals from their rings, and re-tied them with fishing line to their appropriate lengths. I found the process incredibly relaxing and couldn’t help getting lost in the refractions of light that the prisms emitted. In total I created 8 prism pendants and 8 hanging terrariums (an homage the 8 stars of the Venezuelan flag).


PROJECTION Experiments


With two projectors directed at the floor and two available for supplemental projection, I tested different configurations on the walls using media I had generated for my mid-quarter critique. The walls in the light lab have all sorts of patterns and textures due to the closets and white-out curtains. I fiddled with the wall projection, but did not find anything that I was satisfied with (#OCD). The projection light did, however, produce beautiful mosaic patterns on the bowl in the center of the room.


After deciding to cut the leap motions and additional projectors for Open Studios, I focused my design on the center of the room (the chandelier and floor projection). I started to shift the color pallet to a warmer tone (not blue), and to quote the chandelier shape in the floor’s projection. In the end, I decided to go with a lilac color pallet that helped create a whimsical but calm atmosphere. I added more color to the crystal projection and textured it was one of the style transfer photographs that were generated earlier this quarter. I kept the sound to a minimum: atmospheric sounds from a distant rainforest.


open Studios


love letters to

{ }

the future, the unknown, sunrise or sunset


love letters to { } is a participatory installation that invites participants to write a love letter to the future, the unknown, sunrise or sunset, and then to place it into the bowl to become crystallized. Once the letters have been crystallize I will hang them together in place of the shell chandelier to form my thesis sculpture.


Some final shots of the bowl at the end of Open Studios.


Zoe Sandovalmfa, thesis, ritual