Oral Defense


It’s been a couple weeks since my Oral Defense, but I think a quick recap is in order for such a momentous occasion! The oral defense is the “snake fight” of your thesis research. A short presentation followed by discussion and Q&A is the typical format. Sometimes its public, sometimes its private. I had the pleasure of having a closed session with my committee: a rad group of women in games. Below are some excerpts from my defense presentation:



I Passed!


My thesis paper titled, “Alchemy as Restorative Practice: A Case-Study of { remnants of a ritual }” covered the conceptual and theoretical frameworks of my research, my design process, the installation itself, and a study of participatory art practice. It will be published on ProQuest in the coming month. Wee!



The Authorship of Receivership

Article featuring the { remnants } of a { ritual }

Zoe Sandovalmfa