It Matters [ They Must Be Told! ]

"It matters what stories tell stories, it matters what thoughts think thoughts, it matters what worlds world worlds" - Donna Haraway on The Anthropocene, Capitalocene, Chthulucene: Staying with the Trouble


Archival footage supplied by Internet Archive (at in association with Prelinger Archives. All footage in the Public Domain & from the Prelinger Archives unless otherwise stated. In order of appearance:

Steel: A Symphony of Industry

Industry on Parade

The Girl on the Magazine Cover

Fitting Faces

Soapy the Germ Fighter – Avis Films

The Relaxed Wife

Consuming Women

Inside the Story of Modern Gasoline

Abolene Cream Commercial

The Gift of Green

Introduction to Foreign Trade

Molecular Theory of Matter


Present day footage provided by YouTube's Creative Commons License, from UCLA REMAP, and personal footage. In order of appearance:

Los Angeles Timelapse (UCLA REMAP, shot by Zoe Sandoval)

Santa Maria Oil Rigs and Sky (shot by Zoe Sandoval)

Women’s March on Washington

PRIDE Northampton 2013 

NJ March for Science, Trenton 

Pride Parade Native American Dancers

Anti-War Student Activists

Doylestown March for Science 

No DAPL gathering in LA

Black Lives Matter in Toronto

Voices: from the Women's March


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