Curriculum Vitae

Born August 17, 1991 in Los Angeles, California USA



University of California Santa Cruz

Expected Degree | Master of Fine Arts

Major | Digital Arts + New Media

Emphasis | Experimental Play


University of California Los Angeles

Degree Conferred | Bachelor's of Arts

Major | Film, Television and Digital Media

Emphasis | Nonfiction and Digital Media

Honors | Graduated with Honors

GPA | 3.7/4.0




Cultivamos Excelencia

Graduate Student Mentor

  • Working with predominantly Latinx undergraduate students at San Jose City College to develop their research skills and expertise in writing

  • Mentorship includes tutoring, research skills instruction, transfer advising, and routine check-ins to ensure on-time deliverables

  • Focus is on encouraging students to transfer to a research university, i.e. the University of California, and to help answer questions regarding academics and student life


University of California Santa Cruz

Teaching Assistant

  • Serving as a TA for the Arts Games & Playable Media 80i class, Foundations of Play taught by Elizabeth Swensen in Fall 2017

  • Duties include leading class discussion sections, one-on-one advising, grading assignments, and holding regular office hours for students

  • Subsequent TA-ships include: Art 90T, Digital Tools for Contemporary Art Practice with Kristen Gillette, and Arts Games & Playable Media 120, Game Design Experience with Elizabeth Swensen


Center for Research In Engineering Media and Performance (UCLA REMAP)

Project Manager, (2014-2015 Production Coordinator & Researcher)

  • Organization of multiple projects within the University and with industry partners to facilitate ongoing research and new initiatives

  • Oversaw budgeting on research gifts and grants and managed purchasing and accounts payable

  • Provided administrative support to ensure that projects ran smoothly and stayed within their timeline and budget

  • Worked directly with Executive Director to ensure staff and students stayed on task and met necessary project milestones

  • Provided technical expertise in video production and interactive design

  • Implemented motion capture systems for University classes, conferences, and industry demonstrations

  • Projects for lab included the Future of Storytelling effort, OpenPTrack, the Interpretive Media Laboratory, and Named Data Networking


Future of Storytelling: Scripting the Holodeck

Producer, Director of Media

  • A Google funded multi-year effort exploring the relationship between story and code for the production of dynamic storytelling experiences

  • Examining the evolution of the traditional script into a living, digital document that incorporates text, code and interactive media

  • Worked as part of the core research team examining key production and software technologies used for each years’ effort

  • Specifically worked on producing original content and curation of media





System Implementation, Videographer

  • An open source person tracking project developed in-house in collaboration with Open Perception and other academic institutions that’s used education, culture and arts research

  • Enables markerless multi person tracking using off-the-shelf sensors including the Microsoft Kinect and ZED cameras and provides scalable environment to allow for tracking over larger areas

  • Provided technical support in system implementation from computer imagining of Linux computers, demo installs, and testing research

  • Supported student projects, ongoing installations, and made promotional content for additional funding efforts

  • Demo presentations include Nvidia GTC Conference, inaugural InterpTech, and Choreographic Coding lab at UCLA


Named Data Networking (NDN)

Coordinator, Videographer

  • One of five National Science Foundation Future Internet Architecture programs looking to transform the architecture of the Internet’s current point-to-point communication systems from IP based addressing to a named content based hierarchy

  • Recorded, edited and Interviewed researchers and industry partners as part of the NDN Frequently Asked Questions video series

  • Organized the inaugural NDN Community Meetings at UCLA including Hackathon for faculty and graduate student researchers

  • Coordinated and project managed an Internet of Things home demo application for industry partners including use of in-home technologies


Interpretive Media Lab (IMLab)

Designer, Videographer

  • A partnership with UCLA and California State Parks to develop innovative technologies for public spaces and interpretation of culture, history and nature in collaboration with local communities

  • Centered around the development of the new Los Angeles State Historic Park (LASHP) and a new exhibit for the Park’s Welcome Pavilion

  • Coordinated local community groups to author interactive urban trails with a participatory design approach called Cultural Civic Computing

  • Designed promotional content and technologies used for lab’s research, trails events, and future funding efforts




Search for Global Song

Producer, Filmmaker


  • Part of the core research team in the second year effort of Future of Storytelling: Scripting the Holodeck

  • Shot and directed a version of the film, Nowheresville, that was incorporated into the algorithmically generated film, Search for Global Song, that was streamed live on YouTube

  • Oversaw software development to develop film’s algorithmic assembly

  • Tested Adobe Premiere workflow and wrote documentation for other authors to create their own versions of the film

  • Worked with international collaborators to complete their own version


Los Atlantis

Producer, Director of Media


  • Part of the core research team in the first year effort of Future of Storytelling: Scripting the Holodeck

  • Produced an ambulatory theater experience that used real-time video fetching and queuing for video projection design

  • Gathered and shot media in Los Angeles used, and curated media on YouTube used in overall production

  • Staged and directed a vignette, Polaroids, an interactive dance scene with the audience about the ritual of remembering

  • Oversaw software development for real-time projection system and interactive mobile guide used in the show

  • Mobile guide used to personalize audience experience through online registration and real time messaging during the show


Acting for Virtual Environments

Technical Support, Teaching Assistant

UCLA REMAP, School of Theater, Film and Television

  • Pilot class for students in both Theater and Film departments to examine several virtual production technologies for virtual environments

  • Technologies included Derivative Touchdesigner used for real time green screen keying and video manipulation; Lightcraft Previzion used for 3D real time rendering and visual effects; Organic Motion Open Stage for markerless motion capture and character development

  • Worked as key technical assistant for setting up real time camera setup, compositing systems, and installed and calibrated motion capture stage.

  • Supported student work by guiding them through the usage of technologies for class exercises and individual projects


2015-2016 CSPRA Yosemite Slough

Designer, Advisory Committee participant

UCLA REMAP, Interpretive Media Lab (IMLab)

  • Participated in a year-long advisory committee for development of an interpretive master plan for the new Candlestick Point Recreation Area, as part of a collaboration with the California State Parks Foundation

  • Met with community members in Bayview Hunters Point and the surrounding neighborhoods of San Francisco to dialogue about needs for the development of park activities and programming

  • Developed an Interpretation Toolkit for a “Future Interpreters” youth program at the Education Center for the Yosemite Slough area

  • Designed document for Interpretation Toolkit used for statewide scalability of a digital and innovative look at traditional interpretation in park’s systems


2014-2015 LASHP Trails & Wellspring

Videographer, Designer

Interpretive Media Lab (IMLab)

  • A mobile website about urban trails used to explore the historic neighborhoods surrounding the Los Angeles State Historic Park

  • Helped design trail authoring platform and color scene of mobile website, and created promotional video content for urban trails activities, including Wellspring installation and interactive trailhead

  • Facilitated dialogue with youth from local high schools to discuss new techniques for authoring their own urban trails

  • LASHP Trails is part of a statewide scalability effort called Trail City LA, a network of community authored walking trails


2014 Future Storytelling Summer Institute

Production Coordinator


  • An intensive summer workshop for student, staff and faculty from both Film and Theater departments looks at the role of virtual production in a live performance, green-screen environment

  • Used industry technologies for creating real-time immersive digital environments; technologies included Derivative Touchdesigner used for real time green screen keying and video manipulation; Lightcraft Previzion used for 3D real time rendering and visual effects; Organic Motion Open Stage for markerless motion capture

  • Coordinated and produced high-demand interdisciplinary workshop, off site at Nant Studios in Culver City, CA, including equipment rental and purchasing for both theater and film production


2014 Exhibit Designer


  • Created exhibit design for Aputure demo booth at Vidcon 2014

  • Exhibit featured a touch-sensitive plexi cube that participants could interact with to look through photos taken during the conference


2013-2014 Translation & Production Intern

Defending Eden, Prehensile Productions

  • A feature documentary about an indigenous tribe, the Waorani, in the Amazon rain forest of Ecuador

  • Traveled on-site in the Amazon and local communities to help set up production interviews

  • Translated from Spanish to English for the production team with local organizations, governmental officials and tribes’ members

  • Maintained social media outlets, newsletters, and production inventory

  • Translated of Defending Eden website from English to Spanish


2009-2012 Web Coordinator


        • A consulting company and digital agency for software development and creating custom websites and widgets

        • Oversaw and managed timeline for client and project websites along with designing site layouts brainstorming marketing strategies

        • Streamlined navigation for clients and ensured up-to-date designs





Regents Fee Fellowship | MFA Candidate



California State Parks Foundation | Graphic Designer

Resources Legacy Fund | Designer & Video Editor

Google Future of Storytelling Effort | Producer & Media Designer

National Science Foundation (NDN Consortium) | Producer



California State Parks Foundation | Designer

Google Future of Storytelling Effort | Producer & Media Designer

National Science Foundation (NDN Consortium) | Producer



Google GLASS Creative Collective | Student Producer

Frank Glickman Memorial Scholarship | Documentary Filmmaker

Best Documentary UCLA Film Festival | Undergraduate

Donor Award Luncheon | Departmental Speaker

Dean’s Honors List


Google GLASS Creative Collective | Student Producer

Dean’s Honors List



UCU Scholarship | Writing Prize

Dean’s Honors List





SIGCHI | The Storytelling Systems of Los Atlantis



Nvidia GPU Technology Conference (GTC) | OpenPTrack Demo using Nvidia Jetson TX1s and TK1s

InterpTech | “Engagement, Creativity, and Technology” Presentation, Physical Computing Demo





Cultivamos Excelencia Graduate Student Mentor



Disney Outreach Markerless Motion Capture | Coordinator



NDN Community Meeting | Conference Organizer



Inaugural NDN Community Meeting | Conference Organizer



Pediatric Aids Coalition | Media Committee

Queer Alliance | Member & Organizer

Daily Bruin | Photographer   



Queer Alliance | Designer & Organizer

Daily Bruin | Photographer   



Queer Alliance | Member & Organizer

Daily Bruin | Photographer   





Live Design International (LDI), Las Vegas | Workshop Facilitator

Enfants Terrible, San Francisco CA | Media & Projection Designer

IMLab @LASHP, UCLA | Videographer, Editor



Esteros del Ibera, UCLA / cheLA | Media Designer & Residency in Buenos Aires, ARG

Search for Global Song, UCLA | Videographer, Producer

FuturizeX, UCLA | Demo Presenter

Acting for Virtual Environments, UCLA | System Implementation, Producer



Los Atlantis, UCLA | Videographer, Director, Designer, Producer

Choreographic Coding Lab, UCLA Design, Media, Arts | System Implementation

UCLA Parents Weekend, Los Angeles CA | Demo Presenter

ACM ICN 2015, San Francisco CA | Conference Videographer

NDN Retreat, UC San Diego | Conference Videographer & Interviewer



Vidcon, Anaheim CA | Interactive Exhibit Designer

ACM ICN 2014, Paris FR | Conference Videographer & Interviewer

Living Geometry, UCLA | Media & System Designer

The Space Between, UCLA | Director

Grace Plains, UCLA | Associate Producer

Bodies for a Global Brain, UCLA | Production Manager



GLASS Kundalini Meditation, UCLA | Concept Design

Despues de Durango, UCLA | Director, Editor, and Videographer

James Dean is Dead, UCLA | Production Designer

Highron Chef, UCLA | Production Designer